2023 Equity Research Layoff Tracker

All are unverified (updated as of 1/14/2023) 

DM me (if you are comfortable) or use this link to share layoff intel. I will try to update timely. 

Bank of America

  • US: Hiring freeze, but no lay off


  • London: 75% of graduates are let go. They got GBP 0 bonus leading to this

Credit Suisse

  • Latam: let go 9, another 5 "natural attrition"

Goldman Sachs

  • US: laid off associates and junior analysts here and there. Laid off 2 Senior Analysts, one covering Medical Device and one covering Health Care IT
  • Latam: laid off Education and TMT
  • Europe (ex-London): One coverage suspension: let go analyst for Food Retail + Delivery; canned VP/associate/analyst from various other single stock research teams. 
  • London: Let go one MD for UK economics

Morgan Stanley

  • Had some cuts in December 2022, but nothing since


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