About Me

Hello, I'm Richard Toad, a career coach specializing in investment management and equity research, launched in April 2022. I am also the Chief Content Officer for my Instagram account @dickthesellsiderFounded in April 2020 during my time in sell-side equity research (hence "the sell sider"), @dickthesellsider is a ~15,000 follower community today with a strong presence of hedge fund and mutual fund equity investors and sell-side equity research professionals.

I am a regular contributor on WallStreetOasis. I am a first-generation college and MBA graduate. Native Mandarin speaker. Prior to a career in high finance, I was an actuary and a risk quant for five years.  


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Done both sell-side and buy-side: I worked in sell-side equity research covering a technology subsector for a ranked Wall Street analyst. Then, I was a generalist research analyst for a start-up hedge fund.

From 0 to 1: When I started learning investing, I did not know the difference between investing and financing cash flow. It was all hard work and relentless hustle. I have built a big network of research professionals and developed deep understanding of the entire spectrum of investment styles. 

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