About Me

Hi, I am Dick Toad, your one-stop destination for equity research. You can connect with me on Instagram and Twitter. I publish career articles on this website here.

You can also find me as a regular contributor on WallStreetOasis.

My equity research experience:

  • Buy-side: generalist research analyst for two long/short hedge funds
  • Sell-side: equity research associate for two II-ranked TMT analysts at bulge bracket banks

I am a cool nerd: First-generation college and MBA graduate. I studied mathematics / statistics in a Public Ivy and used to be an actuary (passed 5 actuarial exams) and a middle office risk quant. I have an MBA from a top 15 US program. 

I am a 6'3" Chinese immigrant. I speak Mandarin and a Chinese dialect fluently. I studied Japanese and Spanish for four years each.

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