Sample Questions

Hedge Fund, Mutual Fund, Family Office:

  • What do I do to develop the skills to become a buy-side research analyst?
  • What is my investment style?
  • What funds align with my style?
  • Where do I start when I analyze a company? 
  • What makes a good stock pitch?
  • Will an MBA help me break into the buy-side? 
  • Is my stock pitch good enough to win the offer?
  • How do I diligence a fund and its founder?
  • Culture, comp, progression of ABC fund?
  • Is the grass greener at another fund, or in private equity or venture capital?

Sell-side Equity Research:

  • How do I get into research if research firms don't come to my campus? 
  • How do I break into research from a non-finance professional background? 
  • What are good questions to ask during an info session / interview?
  • Is John Smith at [investment bank A or boutique A] a good analyst to work for?
  • Is [sector A] a good sector to cover for next 5 years? 
  • Can you introduce me to people working in equity research? 
  • What are my exit options? When is the right time to leave?
  • How to overcome concerns / prejudice the buy-siders have about us?