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What is your refund policy?

I am happy to refund you prior to a session, if I feel I cannot add value to you. However, once I have conducted the session, no refunds.

I do not guarantee job offers - investment management and equity research are very difficult jobs to get because of lucrative compensation trajectory, better work-life balance and stronger intellectual stimulation than a profession such as Investment Banking. You must put in your own work to internalize my teachings to see dramatic transformations. 

I do guarantee, however, you will get out what you put in.  

What happens after I purchase one of your services?

You can schedule your session using the link on the product page where you made the purchase. 

How do you conduct the coaching calls?

All calls are over Zoom. I will wait 5 minutes past the start time, then I will cancel the session. 

I do show my face and it's your decision whether to show yours.

Any no-show without explanation prevents you from using any future services.

How I should prepare for the coaching sessions?

I recommend watching my YouTube channel and reading my articles, so you get the most of the tailored coaching calls. 

Do you offer long-term coaching package?

Yes. I will design a course plan based on your needed areas of development. We then work together to arrive at an agreed upon schedule. Generally, the less skills you possess currently and the shorter your timeline to achieve your goal, the more you should lean on me.

You will receive 15% off on your tailored coaching package if it contains 5+ hours of sessions.

What investment styles do you support?

I support exclusively fundamental bottoms-up investors. That said, I am not qualified to support anyone who wants to work at a multi-manager hedge fund because I do not invest that way and don't have the skill set.