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Sell-side Research Coaching Credit


If you want to secure a sell-side equity research associate job, use this hour to receive my guidance in the areas including but not limited to:

Buy 1.5 Hour Interview Credit

  • Mock stock pitch (60 min pitch and Q&A + 30 min live feedback)
  • Mock interview (60 min interview + 30 min live feedback)

Buy 1 Hour Credit: 

  • Financial modeling and valuation
  • Job search strategy
  • Career advice
  • Stock research process
  • Analyst checks (ie. Are they good person? Are they respected? How do they run the team? Will you have client visibility?)

You will receive a 15% discount for purchasing of 4+ hours of credits in one sitting. 

After check-out, you will receive a scheduling invite. Please share anything (such as resume or job description) that helps our discussion. All information is kept strictly confidential. 

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